Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Do-Over, Please!

I love Mondays. I really do. After a busy weekend with my family, whom I love, there is nothing I like better than a quiet Monday to get myself centered. The kids go to school, the husband goes to work and I do everything I sit at my computer and write, with an occasional break for errands.

But yesterday I got an inkling of why most other people hate Mondays.

It began with a phone call at 6:47 a.m. Now, first of all, any time my phone rings that early, I assume someone died. So I race to the phone, only to identify the caller as my daughter, who left five minutes before for the bus. Now I’m assuming she forgot something.

“Mom, I think I missed the bus. No one is here and the bus usually comes by now.”
“Well, I didn’t hear it go by. Why don’t you give it a few more minutes and then if it still isn’t there, I’ll drive you.”
“Wait! Um, I think there might have been a delayed opening.”

Yup, there was and I forgot about it. The school didn’t plaster us with emails about it and somehow, the one email I did receive didn’t make it onto my calendar.

You can imagine the mood of both teen girls when they found out they could have slept for another two hours. But eventually, they both got to school and I settled into my routine. And then I took a break to paint.

We just had out entire house painted, and in true If You Give A Mouse A Cookie fashion, new paint has led to new light fixtures, new rugs and other decorative items. One of the new light fixtures has a smaller base than the previous one, so the ceiling needs to be painted the correct color of white so it blends. I went into the basement, grabbed the China White can of paint, set up the ladder, got my brush and began painting.

When the painter was here, I noticed that when he painted, it seemed to dry pretty quickly. Well, for the next several hours, I kept checking the spot I painted to make sure it blended with the rest of the ceiling and to make sure the marks were covered. Except every time I checked, it still looked wet.

And then it dawned on me. I’d used the correct color, but I’d painted the ceiling with satin finish, rather than flat. Because who would think to look at the paint can?

Apparently everyone else.

So I went back and repainted. At least it was easy to see.

Today is Tuesday. It’s quiet. The kids are at school. My husband is at work. And I’m going to spend the day pretending it’s Monday.

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