Monday, March 2, 2015

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

The 1969 movie, starring Ian McShane and Suzanne Pleshette, was a love story about a European tour guide who falls in love with the beautiful single lady on his bus. The title has become synonymous with being so busy, you’re not sure exactly where you are.

As a mom, that happens to me a lot. Thanks to Mother Nature this winter, however, I’m less confused. My motto this season? If it’s Monday, it must be snowing (or, if it’s snowing, this must be Monday). And inevitably, the kids are home, for at least part of the day.

It’s times like these, I’d usually retreat into Jennifer World, where everyone is exactly as I want them to be, I get to do exactly what I want, my way is the only way, and of course, there’s lots of chocolate. J It’s a made-up world of my choosing. It doesn’t exist in real life. Except…

It almost does! This week, a blogger friend is celebrating “Jennifer Week.” Seriously. Who knew that was a thing? Well, with the number of Jennifers around, maybe I should have suspected something, but how cool! I’ll be visiting her blog on Friday, talking about Miriam’s Surrender and answering her questions. You can check it out here and be sure to stop by on Tuesday as well, to visit with Jennifer Probst, another writer with an awesome name (and fabulous books, too!)

In addition to Jennifer Week, today I’m part of The RomanceReview’s 4th Anniversary party. There are more than 300 authors participating all month long and we’re all hosting games that you play in order to win prizes. You can come play my game here.

And finally, starting next week (March 9), I’m visiting and hosting lots of friends to talk about the re-release of Skin Deep (and let them talk about their new books too).

So, in other words, just like the tourists, I’m everywhere! Hope you’ll join me!

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