Monday, January 26, 2015


This week is chock full of preparation. By week’s end, I should be a regular Boy Scout (well, except for the boobs part)!

Right now, we’re preparing for Snowmaggedapocalypse. I stocked up on groceries (along with everyone else yesterday)—and survived grocery shopping on a Sunday, right before lunch, with two teens. I filled my car with gas—the gas station attendant’s brain was obviously freezing as he was trying to make jokes that weren’t particularly funny. My husband checked the gas on the snow blower, and we’re currently in the bargaining phase about who is going to snow blow the driveway when. So basically, we’re ready.

I’m also preparing my manuscript to send to my agent. I gave myself a deadline of February 1. Last night, I met with my critique partners and they gave me suggestions for several of the chapters. I’ll implement those (or some of them) this week, do one last polishing and send it off.

And then, I’ll be all ready for JeRoWriMo (Jersey Romance Writing Month), my writing chapter’s version of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Those of us participating are trying to write 30K words during the month of February. It breaks down to about 1,700 a day, which may or may not be doable. I participated two years ago, and it was great. The discipline really helped and I loved it. This year, I’m a little nervous about being able to get it all done, but I have a new manuscript I’m working on and 30K words would be a big help!

That’s it for me, and quite frankly, I think that’s enough. Because, really, I’m not a Boy Scout!

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