Monday, September 15, 2014

What To Write?

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks preparing blog posts for a virtual book tour to promote my new book, Miriam’s Surrender. Some are blog posts about the book, some are interview questions, and some are open-ended posts, where I write about any writing subject that strikes my fancy.

Because my time has been severely limited by personal commitments, I’ve had to pound out these posts quickly, without a lot of time to think about them. It’s been good for me to do that—the faster I can write, the more productive I can be.

However, when it comes to my own blog, I’m finding it difficult to figure out what to say. This is an eclectic blog, with topics ranging from writing to family life to funny things that happen and to my take on things going on around me. I don’t like too many posts in one vein; I like to mix things up.

But I’m at a loss today for a topic.

I suppose I could write about my book, except with all the publicizing I’ve been doing, I’m a little tired of talking about it, and definitely tired of talking about myself!

I could write about my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah that took place over the weekend, except my life has been so consumed with it, that I’d like a little break (that’s not to say it wasn’t wonderful, because it was!).

I suppose I could look for something to be snarky about, but most of what I’ve been joking about isn’t really enough for a blog post, so I’ve posted a line or two on Facebook, which is plenty.

Perhaps I need to readjust to a less frenetic pace. My brain did a great job keeping up with almost everything; it needs a break.

So I’ll take one for now. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something worthwhile to read, I’d recommend Peter King’s take on the worstweek in football history. He makes some interesting points about football, violence and hero worship (even if he never talks about the Giants).


  1. Oh! Mazal Tov on the simcha! Didn't know it was this weekend. You must be exhausted.

    Looking forward to the book, too :)