Monday, February 24, 2014

If You Give Me A Pen

I’m writing again. I spent my free time over the weekend, what little there was, sitting at my computer and working on my sequel to TheSeduction of Esther. It was wonderful to get back to it and to feel free to dive into my dream world for a bit, without fear that the real world would come crashing down around me.

But it was also good for another reason. If I’m writing, it means I’m dreaming again. I’m thinking about my characters before I drift off to sleep, which is when I get most of my inspiration. I’m not waking up with a pounding heart from stress dreams (although I admit I did dream my husband left the dog in the garage all night—while we sometimes forget where she is since she doesn’t bark, we’ve NEVER left her anywhere all night! Promise!).

Dreaming means I’m sleeping.  Yep, actually shutting my eyes and keeping them closed for multiple hours at a time. I’m no longer waking to administer meds, being disturbed by anyone entering to check vitals, or sleeping on uncomfortable sofas that really weren’t ever meant to be sofa beds.

And sleeping means I can function the next day and use my rest to gain perspective. It’s true, what they say about big things putting life into perspective. I’m not stressing over the small stuff and I’m not even rushing to get back into the small stuff. I don’t miss it and I don’t care about it.

I’m thinking this might lead to some changes in my life in the next few months so stay tuned. But in the meantime, I’m off to write!


  1. Jennifer I love this post for many reasons. Love you are back to writing and dreaming, and love that you're looking at things through a new perspective or lens. I've recently made some revelations myself. Big changes ahead. I'm glad to see I'm not alone! Take care and keep dreaming!

    1. You know, RoseAnn, sometimes you need something to push you out of your rut or to show you a different side to something. I wish you the best in your changes too.