Tuesday, May 7, 2019

OWSCyCon Romance Blog Tour - Day 3

OWSCyCon is an international, online book convention that is free to attend and features over 100 authors!  Join the fun to meet new authors, snag up some great book deals, and participate in multiple online book events.  

Enjoy this sneak peek of some of the featured romance authors who will be at the OWS Cyber Book Convention from May 17 - 19!  
Stephen B. Pearl
Stephen B. Pearl is an ex-lifeguard, mystic, science enthusiast, home handyman, backyard mechanic, and
Writer among other things.

Married for over 34 years, to a very tolerant woman, his view of romantic love leans to stability and realism. Which doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. A strong core relationship empowers a character to do amazing things.

Stephen writes in many genera, but his romance titles consist of, Paranormal Romance: Worlds Apart and The Hollow Curse and Science Fiction Romance: Cats, Slaves of Love and War of the Worlds 2030. He will warn you War of the Worlds 2030 while quite romantic is also extremely dark.

His fiction in other genera normally incorporates a romantic subplot or two. His characters tend towards a balanced power dynamic where mutual respect and support is possible. Starry-eyed teens don’t get much of a look in.
For more about Stephen and his works visit: www.stephenpearl.com.

R.L. Jackson
R.L Jackson writes fiction and enjoys reading Romance, Fantasy, Dystopian, YA, and everything in between. She is also a seasoned screenwriter, an avid movie lover, ruthless supporter of all things creative and a hopeless romantic. She aims to tell new kinds of love stories, coupled with fresh concepts to give the reader a realistic jolt to brain. Her hope is to shake up the status quo. Residing in the Sunny state of Florida, she plans on bringing many more novels to life and hopes you will follow her on this new and exciting journey.

Visit http://www.cybillcain.com/ tomorrow for Day 4 of the OWSCyCon 2019 Romance Blog Tour!

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